Siliconix Incorporated (NasdaqNM:SILI)
Feb. 1st, 2001 - 29 3/4 x 29 7/8
52 Week Range 16 15/16 to 165
Yahoo Stock Quote and Recent News
Insiders Own 81%
Market Capitalization $922.5M
Shares Outstanding 29.9M
Float 5.70M

March 23, 2001: Due to the recent buyout offer from VSH for the remaining shares of SILI we suggest that potential investors look hard at VSH before considering SILI as an individual investment. Although we do not think the Semiconductor Industry will be resuming actual growth for perhaps as much as another 6 months we do think that the risk to reward on many low P/E stocks in this group make it well worth the time to investigate potential investments.

The Bull Sector has been conducting extensive due diligence on Semiconductor Sector Stocks and especially those that have exhibited high profitability with low floats in the past. One such company is Siliconix Incorporated. Although the company will no doubt report profits lower than we might hope for during the next couple of quarters we have bought shares today. You will find Siliconix listed at the Bull Sector on the Semiconductor List, Discrete Components List and the Technology, Hardware List. Soon you will find it on a Low Float List that we are working on as well. Low Float stock can be extremely volatile so it is important to keep this in mind when investing in such stocks.

We believe that the stock will be continue to climb the wall of worry that currently surrounds the market as investors continue to look beyond the probability of a protracted downturn in the economy to an economic recovery which should begin by this summer. SILI currently has a P/E of only 8.53 and although that number is going to rise as profits fall and the stock price recovers we bought today based on our belief that the FED will continue to accommodate us with further rate cuts as needed. Siliconix produces products that are used in a wide variety of industries and sectors that will benefit from an impending recovery.

Yahoo Profile Business Summary

Siliconix Incorporated designs, markets, and manufactures power and analog semiconductor products. The Company focuses on technologies and products for the communications, computer, and automotive markets. Additionally, many of the Company's products are also used in instrumentation and industrial applications. All of the analog and power products produced by Siliconix can be divided into two general classes: discrete devices and integrated circuits. More from Market Guide: Expanded Business Description

Financial Summary

Siliconix Incorporated develops, produces and markets power and analog semiconductor components for the computer, data storage, communications, and automotive markets. For the nine months ended 10/1/00, net sales rose 32% to $361.5 million. Net income totaled $83.9 million, up from $41.8 million. Revenues reflect strong demand for Power MOSFET and Signal Processing products. Net income reflects improved manufacturing efficiencies and increased interest income.

In closing we believe that SILI is well positioned to benefit from a recovering economy in the second half of the year and that demand will once again rise for its products from a widespread demand for its products. Strange coincidence that both NQCI.OB, up 26% today at the ask and SILI have the same number of shares in the float but we'll take that as a good sign.

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