On this list you will find five of the leading manufacturers of Discrete Components used widely throughout the following industries; Cell Phones, CD Players, today's modern vehicles and much more. A Discrete Component is responsible for performing a single function. They can be either passive or active in nature. Passive Components include capacitors, inductors and resistors. Passive Components don't generate energy or signals instead they are involved in processes like the storage of energy or regulating and adjusting current and filtering frequency. Active Components include diodes, transistors. They are used to amplify current, convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) or switch electronic signals etc. Sales of Discrete Components in 1999 rang up to the tune of $18.14 billion according to Paumark Publications. Expectations for 2000 have those sales rising 14% to $20.74 billion..

The Discrete Components Stock List


AVX through VSH

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