New additions today May 17, 2000:

As we mentioned the other day we received our Fidelity Select Annual Portfolio Report recently. It is our intention to add the stocks listed in the various Fidelity Select Portfolios to Bull Sector Lists. This will be a time consuming task but it will be worthwhile to those of you who take the time to peruse these lists now and in the future. After all the Fidelity Select Technology Portfolio was up 184.11% for the twelve month period that ended February 29, 2000. Naturally the market has corrected quite a bit since then but sector investing will once again one day be very lucrative all over again. When the money begins to flow back into the market the list of hot stocks you are looking for will likely be at the Bull Sector. Unfortunately it was pretty hard to find a hot sector today however when we checked the CBS MarketWatch List we found that the Airline group still had enough winners to be showing up in the plus column.

CBS MarketWatch Indexes.

Seeing some green on that Airline List had us consulting the Fidelity Select Airline Portfolio to make some new stock additions to our list. In addition we added some new sector lists in associated industries like the Aerospace & Defense List and the Trucking & Freight List.

We also added a new list of stocks from the Developing Communications Portfolio the Communications Equipment Stocks List.

Last night we also expanded the Healthcare List with a few new stocks and added the Medical Equipment and Supply Stocks List.

Recent additions include the following:

New Additions to the Fiber Optics, Semiconductor and the Paper and Forest Products List: May 15th, 2000

The tremendous need for bandwidth is driving growth for Fiber Optics companies of all kinds. Certainly high speed information will be driven down the Information Highway via many methodologies but Fiber Optics companies of all kinds will be big winners again when the market decides it is time to rally. There is simply too much demand so when we were asked to breakdown the companies into subgroups we went right to work. Please check out the companies on the Fiber Optics List and the additional companies described below.

If you would like to read about the subgroups have been broken down because the demand for bandwidth is simply growing too rapidly to ignore. Please look into the Fiber Optics Components List, the Fiber Optics Cable Producers List, the Fiber SANS List, and the Fiber Channel List.

We added as a subgroup to the Semiconductor List the Chip Foundry List.

These companies are involved in the manufacture and design of semiconductors. In a continued effort to reflect subgroups requested by our readers please explore the Flash Memory List, the Semiconductor Capital Equipment List and the Chip Foundry List. also includes Integrated Circuit manufactures and suppliers of various technologies to the industry.

There have also been a number of new additions to the Forest and Paper Products List.

Feel free to look back at some other recent additions

New Additions to the Biotechnology List: May 13th, 2000

After looking through the latest list of Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Stocks in the Annual Fidelity Select Biotechnology Portfolio a number of new additions were made to the Biotechnology List at the Bull Sector. The stocks in this group have shown signs of recovering from the sell off earlier this year in the group. Here is the updated Biotechnology List.

In addition a new subgroup has been added to the Biotechnology List. It is a very interesting group of companies because Proteomics is an area where companies should benefit quite significantly from the Human Genome Project.

As most of you know the Human Genome Project is well underway but having a gene's sequence is only the first step. True knowledge of disease genes comes from understanding how those genes and their proteins function. Quite simply Proteomics studies the function of genes and their associated proteins in an attempt to correct diseases and target therapeutic drugs. The companies on the Proteomics List include some stocks involved in the Human Genome Project as well as companies that supply technologies to make Proteomics a faster more exacting science.

The Proteomics Stock List


ALXN through WAT

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New Lists from May 12th, 2000.

New Lists today: Please continue to contact us with suggestions: May 12th, 2000

We added three new lists on May 12th, 2000: Flash Memory, Cellular and Telephone Services

The Flash Memory List was added after we received a request from a reader. It looks like there are some very good reasons to look at this group of stocks. Flash memory chips could become a very important commodity this year. Demand for flash memory which is used to store data and programming algorithms in cell phones, digital cameras and MP3 music players is surging for the industry. Sales according to are expected to climb from $4.5 billion to $10 billion this year. Manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, Atmel and Fujitsu are expected to reap substantial profits but there will be many other winners.

The Flash Memory List

We received our Fidelity Select Annual Portfolio Report today and began to examine its components for some new stock list additions. The first two added today were the Cellular List and the Telephone Services List. The stocks on these lists also include a few we found on our own but rest assured most of these stocks were good enough for Fidelity to own a tremendous number of shares. We hope you will check them out.

The Cellular List

Telephone Services List

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