March 3, 2000: Indus goes Wireless.

IINT DUE DILIGENCE - Jan 7 TH, 2000 @ 8.00

Buying more Jan 28th at 6 1/8 as Indus restates earnings lower and issues additional warnings.

Indus Conference Call Replay: 800-642-1687 code (601950) - Expect another CC in 4 weeks. The Beta version of due for general release in late March.

The bad news is out. Only an SEC investigation into the accounting practices at Indus could further damage this stock in my opinion. It is important that the readers of this due diligence understand this buy on Jan 28th is motivated by in large by technical analysis.

Indus International is the global leader in the business to business field of Enterprise Asset Management Solutions. IINT helps capital-intensive companies squeeze more productivity at a lower cost out of their equipment, facilities, and people while maintaining reliability. How? By bringing a new integrated enterprise approach to the management of the plants and facilities they depend on for products and profits.

IINT is a B2B company and a whole lot more; In fact IINT could be the only B2B, ERP, E-Commerce, EAM, and XML play still selling at steep discount to the relative valuation of its partners and peers in this business. IINT recently issued an earnings warning and will only mange breakeven results when earnings are officially announced. The stock traded down to 7 7/8 and at the lower end of recent support levels. Despite this fact we feel that IINT could be headed a whole lot higher. Why is that? Because INDUS is now expanding to offer solutions in a new strategic initiative that will deliver next generation Internet applications, portals, and web-based content solutions for the EAM market.

IINT is expected to grow earnings at a 30% clip year over year even as they forge ahead with their exciting eBusiness initiatives that will leverage existing products, service and support capabilities. We believe that will help the company to rapidly deliver new product and service solutions that address the explosive growth of web-based EAM content and electronic user communities. In addition Indus is already partnered with nearly every big name in the business.

In B2B Enterprise Asset Management they are partnered with the following companies: Ariba, Autodesk Vision, Broadbase, Cognos, Commerce One, DEI, Dolphin, Esker, Excalibur, Harbinger, Identitech, iMedeon, Intermat, Intermec, Meridium, Microsoft, Primavera, NFSRPS, Small World, Spicer, SPL Worldgroup, Tadcon, webMethod.

IINT is partnered with Oracle and PeopleSoft for ERP:

The following companies are Indus partners that offer systems integration, services, support as well as offering local sales, marketing, and administrative expertise to enable Indus Solution Series deployment all over the globe: Anteon Corporation, AG Consulting, Bin Jabr (UAE), Connect (Saudi Arabia), Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group, DIYAR United Company (Kuwait), Eagle Technologies (New Zealand), Enidata, Euriware, Gulf Data International (UAE), IBM Global Services, ICL Hungary, ICL Poland, Innova (Columbia), Mannel Tradiung Compnay (Qatar), Maxon Engineering Services, Inc. (Carribean), POSDATA (Republic of Korea), PricewaterhouseCoopers, SGA Integrators (S. Africa), Software Technoligies Ltd. (Kenya), Systematics (Israel)

Platform partners include Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Sun Microsystems. We have even uncovered exciting evidence that Indus International will soon be announcing a name change at their website that might better represent this company's tremendous B2B success.

IINT has managed to grow into a highly successful business well before the term B2B was ever created. Indus International was formed in 1997 as the result of the merger of two leading enterprise asset management software providers, The Indus Group, Inc., founded in 1988, and TSW International, Inc. founded in 1977. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Indus International provides software and services to over 300,000 users in more than 40 countries. Indus has regional offices in San Francisco, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Argentina, Abu Dhabi, and Australia, and operates Customer Solution Centers in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific regions. Indus International employs nearly 1,200 people worldwide.

Indus International
33.2 million shares outstanding
10.7 million shares in the float (90% institutional investors)
Earnings $1.13 ( $38 million from the sale of their TenFold investment )
Upcoming earnings for the most recent quarters are being restated lower.

Investor Contact:
Phil Denning of Kehoe, White, Van Negris & Company
(212) 396-0606

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