Is it possible that last mile problems have been solved through the use of fixed wireless technology? We believe it is and the companies on this list stand to benefit from their ability to deliver high-speed Internet access including voice and video without fiber optic cable. The FCC allows only a handful of licenses for fixed wireless. According to Insight Research, a telecom market research firm, this market that will grow from $197.1 million in 1999 to $1.52 Billon in 2004. That's a fat growth rate of 50.5% on an annual basis. These four companies are the main players because they are currently licensed to deliver broadband Internet access via fixed wireless technology: Advanced Radio Telecomm (ARTT), Nextlink Communications (NXLK), Teligent (TGNT) and Winstar Communications (WCII). You might be interested in our broader Wireless List.
The Fixed Wireless List


AIRO through ALVR

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