AILP Due Diligence - January 31, 2000

Company: ALPNET, Inc.
Exchange/Symbol: NasdaqSC:AILP
52 week High/Low: $10 1/2/$1.50
Shares Outstanding/Float: 27.6M/17.4M
Price when Due diligence was provided: $4.72

The Latest News and AILP Yahoo Detailed Quote

ALPNET provides translation, localization, and content creation services in over 60
language pairs on all standard platforms. AILP helps clients improve the efficient
distribution of multilingual information with the optimal use of language technology,
industry standards such as SGML and XML, and process refinement.

With over 600 professionals in 15 countries in Asia, Europe, and the Americas,
ALPNET is the largest dedicated supplier of Global Information Services. Visit
Alpnet's Home Page
for more information.

Alpnet can be found on several of the Bull Sector lists. Alpnet's and its competitors can
be found on the Bull Sector Translation list. We believe that this sector is poised for
tremendous growth as companies throughout the world move towards global
e-commerce. Because there are so few companies providing these services we
believe this will be a very hot growth area. Fourth quarter and year end earnings
are now out. Short term this could lead to another buying opportunity. Please read
the report carefully because there is lots to look forward to in the year end numbers.
We at the Bull Sector are very interested in hearing more about the cooperative
development agreement Alpnet has with Sun Microsystems. ALPNET will launch
an e-commerce extranet portal under the name ALPNETX by the middle of 2000.

On April 7th, 2000 Applix Selects ALPNET to Enable Its Applixware Product Suite For the Chinese Market.

On March 1st, 2000 ALPNET announced that it had teamed with Novell
to deliver Enterprise-Wide Multilingual Solutions for the Internet. On March 6th, 2000
ALPNETannounced they had partnered with IFS do Brasil the world's
fastest-growing company in the business applications market with over 3200 employees
and products sold in 38 countries through 57 offices around the world.

Investor Contact:

Jose L. Castaneda
ALPNET Investor Relations
Toll Free: (888) 292-2819
Local: (303) 292-1501

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