E-health companies hope to supply valuable technology and services that have been designed to eliminate a great deal of current administration and compliance healthcare costs. Costs associated with healthcare record keeping, prescriptions, patient monitoring and in many other areas as well. Using information technology, wireless telecommunications devices and the Internet these companies believe they can save as much as � of the $1.2 trillion a year that the US now spends on its current administration and compliance healthcare costs. E-health companies include industry leaders like Cerner (CERN), Data Critical (DCCA), Medscape (MDLI) and Allscripts (MDRX). These companies have developed technology that make it possible for physicians to write or refill prescriptions in mere seconds rather than minutes or hours using phones, PDA's or dedicated wireless devices often eliminating potential mistakes in communication. SG Cowen expects growth in this area to approximate 35% each year for the next several years. You might be interested in our broader Medical Products List.

  The E-health Leaders List


CERN through MDRX

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